Upper Dolop Trek


Dolpo region lies in the western part of Nepal and is a very remote area. Artistic and unique landscapes of the Dolpo region iis pretty similar to the landscape that we can find in Tibet, that lies on the north of this region. It is one of the isolated and remote area. The best way to reach this remote and dry place is to fly upto Juphal Airport. Like Upper Mustang it is also a rain shadow area. There is the predominance and high influence of Tibetan Buddhism in Dolpo. The cinematography of the movie Caravan which had been nominated in the famous Oscar Award, was of this region.

During the Upper Dolpo Trek one can indulge with the locals who follow centuries old Buddhist and Bon-po traditions. We can also find the culture and traditions of these region being highly influenced by Shamanism. They have still been practicing centuries old traditions and culture and it has been an integral part of their daily lifes. The people, places, cultural monuments you discover during this trek will leave an unforgettable impression on you. Apart from other attractions Shey-Phoksundo lake and Shey-Gompa are the main attraction of this trek.

Trip Briefing
  • Duration: 27 days
  • Rating:Fairly Popular
  • Grading:Moderate to fairly hard
  • Region: Dolpo Region
  • Activity:Trekking
  • Trip Type:Camping Trek

Day 01: Arrival

Day 02: Free day

Day 03: Kathmandu

Day 04: Kathmandu to Nepalgunj flight

Day 05: Nepalgunj to Juphal (2,475 m) flight, trek to Chhepka (2,838 m)

Day 06: Chhepka (2,838 m) to Chunuwar/Amchi Hospital (3,110 m)

Day 07: Chunuwar/Amchi Hospital (3,110 m) to Ringmo/Phoksundo Lake (3,641 m)

Day 08: Free day in Ringmo/Phoksundo Lake (3,641 m)

Day 09: Ringmo/Phoksundo Lake (3,641 m) to Chunemba (3,639 m)

Day 10: Chunemba (3,639 m) to Snowfields Camp (4,400 m)

Day 11: Snowfields Camp (4,400 m) to Shey Gompa (4,310 m) via Nagdalo La Pass (5,350 m)

Day 12: Restday Shey Gompa (4,310 m)

Day 13: Shey Gompa (4,350 m) to Namgung (4,430 m) via Shey La Pass (5,000 m)

Day 14: Namgung (4,400 m) to Saldang (4,060 m)

Day 15: Saldang (4,060 m) to Sibu (4,200 m)

Day 16: Sibu (4,200 m) to Lagmo Che (4,570 m)

Day 17: Lagmo Che (4,570 m) to Tokyu (4,209 m) via Jeng La Pass(5,110 m)

Day 18: Tokyu (4,209 m) to Dho Tarap ( 4,080 m)

Day 19: Dho Tarap (4,080 m) to Sisaul (3,750 m)

Day 20: Sisaul (3,750 m) to Laina Odar (3,370 m)

Day 21: Laina Odar (3,370 m) to Lingdo (2,391 m)

Day 22: Lingdo (2391 m) to Dunai (2140 m)

Day 23: Dunai (2140 m) to Juphal (2475 m)

Day 24: Juphal to Nepalgunj

Day 25: Nepalgunj to Kathmandu by flight

Day 26: Rest day in Kathmandu

Day 27: Departure